Tofurky's Beer Battered Vegan Ham Roast FTW

on Wednesday, 30 August 2017. Posted in Products

Tofurky's Beer Battered Vegan Ham Roast FTW

It's not even September yet, what the heck are we doing talking about holidays? Well, you know some people do prefer to get a head start on the planning. Plus, when on the vegan path, amid the possibility of non-vegan friends and family at holiday get togethers, it can feel a wee bit better knowing there are a few things in order ahead of time. Therefore, may we introduce to you this beautiful vegan Ham Roast by the ever wonderful folks at Tofurky. Smoky and sweet with a tangy glaze, and battered in a malty, caramel-y beer by Hopworks Urban Brewery, this roast is sure to impress even the most non-vegan guests at the party.

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