New Vegan Meal Kits by Forks Over Knives

on Tuesday, 11 April 2017. Posted in Products, Health, Tips & Ideas

New Vegan Meal Kits by Forks Over Knives

Known for the award-winning documentary Forks Over Knives, this 'docu' turned media empire has added something new to their lineup of resources—for those seeking to live healthful plant-based lifestyles—easy to assemble vegan meal kits. "We supply the grains and spices, you just add the veggies!" per the slogan on their website. With three flavors including Moroccan Quinoa Pilaf, Mexican Rice and Beans, and Indian Rice and Dal, it will be darn easy to prepare a quick and healthy meal for those of us on the go. The meals are free of oil, gluten, soy, and nuts.

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