New Campaign: Animal Rescue Groups to Go Vegan

on Thursday, 04 January 2018. Posted in Inspiration

New Campaign: Animal Rescue Groups to Go Vegan

Animal welfare organization Brother Wolf Animal Rescue (BWAR) noticed an increase in rescue work relative to floods, fires, and natural disasters. When they reached out to scientists and experts to determine the cause of this global shift, they discovered that the meat, dairy, and egg industries were driving climate change and causing a mass species extinction of epic proportions.

BWAR Executive Director Paul Magee Berry explains“Learning that, as of this year, we’ve already lost up to 70% of the world’s wildlife population since 1970, and that we’re on track to lose 90% of the world’s wildlife by 2025...that's less than ten years from now! It’s easily the most urgent crisis for animals in the history of the movement – and no one is talking about it, at least not with any real urgency.”

Since going vegan is the most powerful way to fight back against this force, BWAR has committed itself to raising awareness and getting other groups on board. They’ve created a Facebook page for the campaign and petition: Save the Animals, Save the Earth calls for animal group across the country to adopt a public vegan policy in order to prevent a planetary crisis.
You can read the full article by clicking here, find out more about the group here, and sign the petition here.

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