"Vegan Alert," NBA Player Damian Lillard Announces his Veganism on Instagram

on Thursday, 21 September 2017. Posted in Inspiration, Books & Media

It seems as though veganism is truly taking hold in the world of professional athletes. What's even more exciting is when they use their high-profile public platforms to share their veggie journeys. Welcome, another professional basketball player to the growing vegan mix, a one mister Damian Lillard! In a short video clip posted to his Instagram account earlier this month, Lillard proclaims, "I've changed; getting my life together," after announcing that all the food the viewer is seeing is in fact vegan. Point guard for the Portland Trail Blazers, Lillard spent the offseason nursing a leg injury and has turned to healthy vegan eating as a means to aid his body in a speedy recovery. So cool, Damian! Keep it up!

Check out Damian's 'Vegan Alert' IG post HERE on Instagram.

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