"There's no right way to do a wrong thing" - Goat Dairy Farm Turned Sanctuary

on Thursday, 10 August 2017. Posted in Inspiration

Despite setting out with the best intentions—aiming for the most "humane" goat cheese farm possible, owner Andrea Davis soon came to realize there was truly no such thing as humane animal farming practices. After witnessing ongoing and extremely stressful separation anxiety between moms and babies (because in order for us to use their milk for cheese or other products the babies can't be allowed to consume it of course), among other inherent cruelties in the business, she decided to turn her farm into The Sanctuary School at Broken Shovels Farm. It will be an educational center for veganism and a forever home for many former dairy farmed goats as well as other animals like chickens, cats, and dogs. "I came to terms with the fact that there was no right way to do a wrong thing...at some point, I found vegan educations, and though initially stubbornly resistant to the idea, everything I was reading made undeniable sense," said Davis. Thank you for all that you do, Andrea! 

Learn more about the sanctuary and support today at BrokenShovels.com.

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