NEW Vegan Non-Profit Organization 'BALANCED' Launched This Week

on Thursday, 27 April 2017. Posted in Inspiration, News, Tips & Ideas

NEW Vegan Non-Profit Organization 'BALANCED' Launched This Week

With a focus on encouraging hospitals, schools, stores, and universities to focus on the production and inclusion of more plant-based foods, rather than animal products, 'Balanced' will surely be turning heads this summer. Audrey Sanchez, the Executive Director at Balanced, said in an interview with VegNews, "Behavioral scientists have long known the fastest way to change a person's behavior is to change their environment." Based on this information Sanchez and team aim to encourage a change of choices that surround people in their everyday lives (at school, at work, when in need for health care, etc.)—making plant-based food options readily available at every turn."Overconsumption of animal products is leading to a public health crisis, and frankly, too many people are experiencing unnecessary diseases and premature death as a result," said Sanchez. We can change the health of our planet and those that inhabit it. It's exciting to see more organizations being created and coming together to make this a reality.

Learn more and see their website launch this week at

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